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Don't let your mind convince you to be lazy.

In episode 125 I talk about the 4 types of parents and the outcomes of children raised by each 4.

124 - Parental Loneliness

I had the opportunity to go on the radio this morning in Canada to talk about masculinity, parenting, and loneliness.

Don Cherry comes out with a new podcast called Grapevine after being fired from Sportsnet

I was recently working in Nepal and stumbled into this local bar....

I recently had the opportunity to spend time in three third world countries.. I'm sharing the first lesson I took from it.

Impostor Syndrome is something that a lot of men (and women) deal with. Here's how you can identify if you have it and a few things you can do to push through it.

Episode 119 is a rant. It didn't start out as one, but it naturally turned into one. Some opinion on male feminists and Christianity or being a guy who believes in God.

I was recently in Jamaica on vacation and recorded something while reflecting on the beach.

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